Ante Natal Dad review

Babylove Ante natal is SO much more than birth preparation.  Each group of expectant parents are asked about what they would like support with and we create a completely bespoke experience.  We don’t just focus on birth, (although we will cover EVERYTHING we can, warts and all….we want you to be completely educated, empowered and in control). We also talk a lot about the fourth trimester; caring for a newborn, what to expect…… But not only do we cover newborn baby care, we also focus on newborn parent care……  On top of that we host baby brunches and afternoon teas to support new families as they build thier parenting tribe.  But don’t just listen to me, have a read of what one of our recent Dad’s had to say after completing our course.

1) How did you find the course content?
The content was informative and interesting. It was clear and understandable.

2) what feedback would you give regarding the course leader; pace, manner, knowledge, inclusiveness etc….
Claire was fun and upbeat. She made it easy to follow and understand the content. The pace was good, we didn’t linger on topics for too long and it was easy to keep up. Her knowledge was amazing and covered both roles of the parent, when applicable on each topic.

3)What were the course highlights?
Practicing our figure of 8, the stages of labour and learning how baby moves through birth canal.

4) Would you recommend the course to others and why?
Yes! When my wife signed us up I didn’t know what to expect. I was a complete novice. I’m no expert now but i feel I understand what is going to happen and what the different medical terms mean. I feel comfortable that we can make informed decisions. I have complete empathy of what my wife will and is going through.

5) What was the main reason you attended the course and was this need met?
Initially because my wife told me too! I wanted to gain knowledge so i can help and understand her needs throughout the pregnancy, birth and after.

Josh may 21