Birth prep, antenatal and new parent and baby care classes now booking!

Are you having a baby between December and July in the swansea area?  Then this course is for you!!

This fun filled course is designed to empower you and your birth partner (if one is attending with you), helping you to understand all about your body, your baby, your birth; essentially everything you need to know to prepare fully for labour and birth and for the first 3 months of life with your newborn.  Our classes are massively social, relaxed and surprisingly great fun. This is what one of our recent Mums to be had to say about our recent course;

Claire is fantastic, made us feel completely at ease. Delivered at a good pace.  Any questions we raised she would look into in more detail and let us know.  It was delivered in a calm, thoughtful manner, non judgemental! You can tell she is really passionate about what she is doing and cares about the people in her groups. It was great too how she got the partners involved…..a course highlight was getting involved practically…..we attended the course to ease any concerns about pregnancy, childbirth and afterwards.  These needs were definitely met and we have been a lot more positive about our experience to date and looking forward now to the next stages.  I feel comfortable knowing that Claire’s calming words will be in the back of my mind and helping me through….I’m definitely feeling the oxytocins“.  Helen and Piers December 2020


So what should you expect to discover at our Antenatal birth preparation and fourth trimester Education classes?

We cover everything you need to know to prepare for birth, including thriving in the 4th trimester and providing a fantastic opportunity to make friends.

We teach in a grounded and down to earth way and our courses always include:

  • The signs labour is starting

  • The stages of labour, how things typically progress

  • What is a contraction? The science behind what your body is doing and techniques to help you cope

  • The role of hormones and the importance of the positive feedback loop

  • The effects of fear on the process

  • Using the breath, yoga positions and mindfulness as a toolkit for labour (complements the Hypno-Birthing approach)

  • Clear explanations of all possible medical interventions and pain relief options – and why these sometimes have a much needed place

  • How to make decisions and give meaningful informed consent in the moment – and why it is this that goes towards creating a more positive experience

  • How long things might take, when to call, what to pack in your bag

  • Where to birth choices – home, midwife led unit or hospital

  • Essential birth partner tips – what to do, when

  • The 4th trimester – early days with your newborn, what to expect – feeding, sleeping, baby care, mum’s self care and returning safely to exercise

  • PLUS priority bookings for Babylove classes

  • PLUS invites to meet ups, brunches, picnics to get to know each other