Our Beach Baby Class has always been a bridge from Babygroups to preschool. The Babylove mission as always being to support parents as their little ones move onto the next stage and reach their full potential.


During Beach Babies your little one will

?become more confident and start to enter into parallel and eventually group play, building social skills

?start to move away from you and towards others with increasing confidence

?Increase their communication in a safe and naturally inquisitive environment

?Build on knowledge and understanding of the world around them

?develop physically and cognitively; increased balance, coordination, small and large motor skills and vestibular development

?Develop respect and care for the natural environment and different life forms

?All areas of the foundation phase are included in each and every activity from sandcastle building to creating a decorated beach rock.

?use ALL senses from touch, to smell, to taste, etc..

?Develop early literacy and numeracy skills


As parents you

?Accept and stand back, enabling your little one to move confidently away from you in a safe, friendly and caring environment.

?Understand how you can support them holistically from behaviour to coordination, communication skills to social skills….and so on

?Meet up with other like minded families and friends, building your own social network


Last week we trialled Storytime with a snack and it was universally loved by everyone!! This is something we will continue to build into our sessions alongside all of our other, holistically developmental activities.


Beach Babies, giving you and your little one the best beginnings and supporting the transition for the both of you, to the next stage.

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