As soon as Mums are ready to be out and about bring your tiny baby to Babylove Tinies; we will help you to understand and enhance your babies developmental journey whilst providing the opportunity to meet up with other new Mums and build new friendship networks.

Babylove tinies is all about helping new-born Mums to build their community in a nurturing, non-judgemental place whilst also learning how to holistically support babies development through fun packed, sensory, music, massage and meditation filled classes and social groups.

“When you give birth to a new baby, you also give birth to guilt and worry and endless fears that you are not doing enough!”  Rhi Mummy of Megan, 2020.

This is such a common phrase that we frequently hear new Mums say.  Firstly, Mum’s you are always enough, and you are exactly what your baby needs.  Secondly, we can provide the activities, anecdotes and experiences that will help you to believe this.

Each session is fully led and includes our wonderful mummy or daddy meditation, multi-sensory engagement activities such as ribbon exploration and musical instrument play accompanied by our Baby Love signing system; developing early communication skills.

Our tinies signing time follows a new theme each term such as ‘seaside’ and ‘jungle’ to maintain babies engagement. Our big dance is a great highlight and causes much laughter whilst cognitively and physically developing your baby. Finally, we start our wind down time with our Baby Love baby massage time followed by our infamous, bubble and parachute filled chill out time.

Let’s see what one of our lovely super-Mamas has to say about Babylove tinies;

“My main reason for joining BABYLOVE was actually for my own mental health…we joined the tinies class when my little boy was 16 weeks old…up to that point we had still both been healing (myself from a birth injury and Rudy from terrible silent reflux) the 2 of us had barely been out of the house since he was born and I was desperate for my adventure as an “active mum” to begin (because as a first time Mum you definitely feel that pressure.) What initially attracted me to BABYLOVE was the fact the class covered a lot of bases…sensory, baby sign, music, massage and more so it was the perfect place for us to slowly integrate into Mum & Baby groups.  The Mama Care at Baby love is immense, Claire has created the ultimate Mum tribe! All the Mums, Dads, Nana, Gramps, Aunties, Uncles are made to feel so welcome and there is zero judgement when you walk into that room. When I first started I was always rushing making sure my makeup etc was done and I quickly learned that is not necessary at all! There is a private community group on Facebook for us to communicate and Claire puts on Mama Socials for us all to get together and have a drink or 2!!  Just sign up and go! BABYLOVE is a warm, loving and safe space where you and your Little one can go and have fun together…it is as much about you Mama as it is about your baby and it strengthens your relationship! I adore Claire as much as Rudy and I know he enjoys his time there as much as I do! A Bubble of love to grow together in ” Danni and Baby Rudy 2020”

Once your baby reaches about 7 or 8 months old, is sitting unaided and no longer content to stay lying down, it is time to move on to Baby Love Tweenies.

Class Times

• the LC2, Swansea – Tuesdays
• Mumbles Pier – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
• Post Covid-19 Classes are also available on zoom for those who are unable to make the face to face classes



Please not that Classes must be booked in advance

Follow booking link to book your session or join a waiting list

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For more information email [email protected]


To ensure we fulfil all Covid restrictions and keep our community safe we have put the following measures in place;

  • Online booking only
  • Class sizes cut from 18 to 10 babies
  • Each class form an 8 week bubble
  • Mats 2 m apart
  • Masks worn until seated on mat, these may be kept on for the duration if preferred
  • Instructors wear a mask when moving around attendees
  • Resources not shared
  • Babylove bags of sensory and musical development available to purchase during the session to support and enrich all learning experiences
  • Temperature taken on entry
  • Track and trace in place
  • Push chair storage
  • No shoes worn in activity area
  • Sanitation stations in all areas
  • Extended handovers to enable full disinfection and sanitisation of the Babylove activity areas and ensure different classes do not meet each other