Baby Love Toddlers – walkers, cruisers and toddlers-pre-school

A fast and frantic session filled with music, mayhem, sensory play, Baby Love infant sign language, creativity, imagination, personal and social and physical development.

Each session is a whirlwind of marching and dancing activities alongside the Babylove signing system which is focusing more on spoken words; developing each child physically, cognitively and promoting positive speech, language and communication skills.  Puppets and props and sensory play enhance each theme and parallel play is increasingly occurring; extending children’s social and emotional skills.

An exhilarating and creative session that entrances, engages and fills little ones with awe, wonder and joy! Toddlers is a judgement free environment  which enables children to join in at their own pace and level…….there is no expectation that little ones will stay sitting on your lap!!??!  Let them be free to join in, run around the room, or simply leap up and down.  Our Mantra is, “embrace the toddler crazy”.

“For me, the three main benefits of joining BABYLOVE with Claire have been:
1. The fantastic group of mum friends I’ve made.
2. The enjoyment my baby and toddler get from the classes.
3. The way I can see my children learn and progress through each session.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any parent to BABYLOVE. It really is the best baby class around for pregnant mums, mums with newborns and the babies and toddlers themselves. It’s such a lovely community which also provides the social aspect many parents are craving. We’ve been for nights outand countless lunches and playdates together. It’s such a great way to meet people who are on the journey too. It’s been fantastic to have a class which I’ve been going to for over three years and has taught my daughter so many skills and allowed her to make friends too. “
Jess, Chloe and Ioan

When your little one needs more, join Beach Babies; outside, exploratory, sensory and messy play.

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