Baby Love Simply Baby Massage

A nurture and love filled baby massage class

The class teaches:

  • whole body massage program
  • ailment relief such as colic relief, constipation sticky eye, blocked nose…

This is a wonderfully relaxing time spent in small groups with babies from newborn to 7 months.  The massage space is kept warm, welcoming and dimly lit to help Mums and Babies sink into a warm, happy and safe zone.  Mums are provided with complimentary massage oil, full parent notes, refreshments including lovely choclolate bisccuits ?

Simply Massage has amazing benefits for both new-born baby and new-born mummy, a relaxing, nurturing class which teaches full baby massage routine to new mums with babies up to 6 months old.  It really is simply massage, support and friendship.

The benefits of massage are;

  • bonding for mum and baby
  • tones baby’s muscles
  • nourishes baby’s skin
  • can increase Mums milk flow
  • May help with babies sleeping pattern
  • Helps baby recognise the boundaries of their bodies and ultimately their spatial awareness
  • Assists cognitive development
  • Particularly beneficial for babies and Mummy’s who may have had a stressful birth journey
  • Touch is baby’s first communication; supports and develops early communication skills
  • Increases Mums oxytocin levels, creating a feeling of love and wellbeing
  • Helps mummy’s meet their support newtwork and begin to form their ‘mummy tribe’.


Contact me to find out when our next simply Massage Classes will be running and to book a space.