Mamalove Newbies

Mamalove Newbies is a welcoming, safe and friendly post natal group for new-born mothers and their new born babies to come and meet other new born mums and receive lots of love, support and guidance. 

A post natal group designed to nurture, welcome and support brand new mothers and their babies aged from newborn to 16 weeks.  This is a relaxing, friendly environment, a place to meet other new mums and babies, share experiences, seek advice and feel safe whilst you grow into the new mother you’ve just become.  Within each session there will be an opportunity to;

  • Meet other new Mummy’s and have a lovely hot or cold drink made for you!! Along with a biscuit or 2.
  • Meet experts such as breast feeding supporters, sling meet organisers, baby first aid instructors, etc…
  • find out about real nappies and be sign posted to anything and everything that is ‘new mummy and new baby’, eg, baby yoga practitioners, post natal yoga, womens health specialists etc..

This is not a led class, it is a safe space where new mums are welcomed and cared for as they find their way in their new lives.

Contact me to book a class and for more information