Antenatal in swansea

We are having such an amazing time in our Antenatal classes at the Lc on Thursday evenings.

I am loving spending this time with these current super mamas and papas to be…. And you were all so amazing at joining in with our yoga moves and poses which are PHENOMENAL at supporting you during labour. I loved the way all Dad’s to be joined in wholeheartedly too.
We have laughed, questioned, been surprised and shocked been reassured, made new friendships and this week, finally, we focus on what happens when baby has arrived! Covering everything you need to know.
What to expect at Babylove Antenatal when you are expecting?

🧡 We are very social and all of our lovely families-to -be are invited to our Baby Brunches and picnics to continue the friendships they begin during class

🧡We cover EVERYTHING about birth and the process you are going through so that you are empowered to ensure your birth story is one you and your baby are in control of.

🧡Learn about the amazing ways you can naturally and medically support yourself and the many options that are available to you.

🧡Understand the different pain relief options and exactly what their benefits and negatives could be.

🧡Recognise how you can naturally control your pain through breathing, movements, yoga, environment, meditations, affirmations, water, and let us help you stay in control

🧡Many of us are quite hazy about birth, our experiences being just those we see on TV and Movies. We teach you everything that you need to know from first signs of labour and what to look out for right the way through to baby being born and decisions about delivering the umbilical cord and Vitamin K jabs for baby!!

🧡Be knowledgeable about the different protocols and procedures in hospitals, birth centre’s and home births, ensuring you are always in control of your own and your babies experience.

🧡We also give you amazing tips and invaluable strategies to support YOU and your partner before and after your baby arrives.

🧡A huge proportion of our classes are focusing on fourth trimester care for your new-born baby and your new-born parent selves, helping you to embrace this amazing time.

🧡If you already have a little one, we have essential advice on how to successfully introduce your new baby into your family, supporting siblings and ensuring you avoid common mistakes that can make this transition time more tricky that it needs to be.

🧡Once baby is here and you are ready to get out and about, all of our Babylove babies get a discount and priority booking to attend Babylove newbies; postnatal love for mums and babies (up to 8 weeks old) and Babylove tinies; sensory signing, infant massage, music, movement, dancing, mummy meditation, creativity and imagination (holistic development up to 6/7 months) and Simply Massage; the full baby massage program with ailment relief such as colic relief routines, including oils, parent notes (up to 6/7 months)


Our Babylove Ante natal classes are a mixture of listening, experiencing, joining in, laughing and building friendships and each class is ultimately tailored to meet the needs of each group.ATT00001 – Copy (2)

Baby due in August, September, October, November, December or January in Swansea area? We are now taking bookings for our full, face2face antenatal class in the LC2 on Thursday evenings.  Our current class is full with a waiting list, but we have another starting on 29th July. Our spaces are limited so head straight to the book now link or drop me a message with any questions.