Babylove Academy Training

Babylove Teacher Training

Are you looking for a career which is fulfilling, fits around your family and is profitable.  A career which you are completely in control of, can upscale to be as big or small as you would like?

Do you love working with families? Babies? Toddlers? Preschoolers?

Do you want to offer something which makes a real difference?

After listening to lots of amazing feedback and reviews over the years its evident that Babylove makes a real difference to families lives,

one baby,

one Mama,

one family,

at a time.

Babylove is focused on ensuring that babies and children have the best beginnings for future success, and this starts with you amazing parents, supporting you and the families you are building. Supporting the critical 1001 days of a little ones life, from conception to two years and above.

Would you like to offer this fun packed, love filled program to your area? I am passionate about bringing the benefits of Babylove to different, towns, cities, and places across the country, maybe even the whole world!  Let’s aim high. So, let me tell you more about……..

The Babylove Academy Teacher Training.

Would love to know if you might be interested.

  • Work flexibly and around your family?
  • Generate a good income?
  • Have freedom to make your business as big or small as you would like?
  • Be paid to do something you love?
  • Have opportunities to run your own classes where the profit is 100% yours AND/OR be able to run classes for me and be paid an instructors fee?

This is not a franchise.  This is a fully comprehensive training program consisting of 9 modules encompassing everything from brain development in babies, through to how to set up and run your business.  Training is a combination of live training sessions, (either in face or on Zoom), self study, video tutorials, meetings, observations and teaching practices. Generally, you study at a time that suits you.

Once training has been successfully completed and all assignments passed there will be on-going support in our Teacher Community with the option of additional low cost services if needed such as inclusion on web site, business mentoring, marketing tips, technical support so that you can do what you love best, teach and run classes! We will also have annual training days which will double as social events, (I think a morning training followed by a nice afternoon champagne tea would be wonderful. If this sounds like something you would love to be involved with, I’d love to hear from you.  Currently this training would be at a hugely reduced rate whilst we get our program established.

Would you like more information? Follow this link here so that we can get the ball rolling.

Parent Workshops

Are you looking to run workshops to support families, helping them to find stratgies to create calm homes and happy children and parents?  We offer a variety of workshops which do just this. Our workshops have been run in a variety of settings from Nurseries – Parent support groups – Special need support sessions – groups of parents organising the sessions for themsleves.

  • Helping children deal with big emotions.
  • How to have a house with less shouting and more peace – it is possible!!!!
  • How do children learn and what can you do at home to support this.
  • Reading begins at home, understanding how children learn to read and what you can do from babyhood onwards to support this.
  • Writing begins at home, understanding how children learn to write, and what you can do at home to support this.
  • Antenatal workshops
  • Postnatal workshops
  • Baby massage workshops

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Staff Training for Day Nurseries

Do you run a day nursery and wish you could provide your own holistic development sessions without bringing in an outside provider?

Or maybe you feel that your team could benefit from an intensive workshop on adding value to different age groups through fabulous activities.

Babylove can provide a program of activities along with learning outcomes, helping early years teams to plan and provide activities, ensuring babies and toddlers reach their full potential and meet milestones. We focus on

  • Speech, Language, and Communication
  • Personal and Social Skills
  • Vestibular Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Physical Development
  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Proprioceptive Development

Our curriculums incorporate sensory exploration, musical play, infant massage, developmental movement, babylove signing, role play and lots of tips, and hacks.

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