Antenatal Education and Fourth Trimester Care

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Join our vibrant community and embark on an exciting journey through pregnancy, birth, and the first weeks of life with your newborn.

Our Swansea Ante Natal classes are designed to empower you and your partner, equipping you with knowledge and confidence for a positive birth and early parenthood experience.

Our Ante-natal education, birth prep, and life with a newborn class, focuses on understanding your body, your baby, and preparing for labour, birth, and the first three months of parenthood.

Our antenatal classes are super social, helping parents to build networks and  friendships through whattsapp groups, baby brunches and ongoing baby classes.

These fun-filled sessions are social, relaxed, and surprisingly great fun.

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Easily one of the best decisions I’ve made as a new parent. Claire’s antenatal classes were so informative without having an agenda. She also sets up a WhatsApp group for all the parents and organises social events which have been more important than I could have imagined, especially in those early weeks of chaos!

I’m really pleased that I signed up for further sessions once my baby arrived. Claire has taught me so much about how to interact with and have fun with my baby. The visiting experts each week have also been invaluable and means you get to ‘try before you buy’, and I have gone on to use some of their services and they’ve been transformative.

A Rowland

What to Expect in Our Classes

Our classes run for a four week period, usually 7-9pm, but day workshops and one-to-one sessions are also available.

  • Signs labour is starting
  • Stages of labour and progression
  • Understanding contractions and coping techniques
  • Role of hormones and positive feedback loop
  • Effects of fear on the process
  • Breath, yoga positions, and mindfulness for labour
  • Aligns with hypnobirthing
  • Clear explanations of medical interventions and pain relief options
  • Decision-making and informed consent
  • Duration of labour, when to call, and what to pack
  • Birth choices – home, midwife-led unit, or hospital
  • Essential birth partner tips
  • 4th trimester – early days with your newborn, feeding, sleeping, baby care, and self-care for moms

Claire, the founder of Babylove Antenatal is proud to have completed the 100 hour antenatal and birth preparation training with LushTums founder Clare Maddalena.  As a certified Antenatal Education teacher from LushTum, with accreditation from FEDANT, our classes blend evidence-based science, research, and yoga/mindfulness practices.

We go beyond the basics, teaching practical tools and techniques to cope with labour and make informed choices on the big day.

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  • Where and When
    Where and When Discover Babylove Ante Natal in Swansea: Your Path to Parenthood!
  • Locations
    Locations Babylove Ante Natal classes are conveniently held in various locations across Swansea. We bring the magic of preparation to your neighborhood, making it accessible and easy for you to join us
  • Exclusive Benefits for Antenatal Parents
    Exclusive Benefits for Antenatal Parents Antenatal parents enjoy priority bookings for Babylove classes, ensuring you have a spot reserved for the sessions that matter most. Dive into a supportive community with invitations to meet-ups, brunches, and picnics, fostering connections with fellow parents on similar journeys
  • Class Schedule
    Class Schedule Our antenatal classes typically span a four-week period, creating a comprehensive and interactive learning experience. Sessions are scheduled from 7-9pm, offering a convenient evening time slot for parents-to-be. For those seeking alternative options, we also provide day workshops and personalized one-to-one sessions to accommodate diverse schedules
  • Connect, Learn, and Celebrate Parenthood
    Connect, Learn, and Celebrate Parenthood Join us for a transformative journey that goes beyond information-sharing. Babylove Ante Natal is a celebration of connection, learning, and the exciting path to parenthood

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Empower yourself with knowledge and build friendships as you prepare for the magical journey of birth and parenthood with Babylove Ante Natal!

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