Tweenies – 6/7 months to toddling

Engaging Adventures for Little Ones from 6/7 Months Onwards

Welcome to the lively world of Tweenies, the next captivating stage in the Baby Love program! Tailored for bouncing babies who enjoy sitting up, rolling around, reaching, exploring, and moving independently, Tweenies is a dynamic sensory, musical, and signing time session filled with zany songs, movement, and lots of giggles!

Every week, our Swansea and South Wales based dedicated team carefully selects resources and themes to provide magical and interactive experiences fostering holistic development in your little one. Each session is brimming with developmental tips to help you understand your baby’s growth and milestones.

We’re an inclusive community, welcoming everyone, and we happily modify activities to suit the diverse needs of both adults and babies, including those with multiple births.

We understand the nerves that may accompany your first baby group visit, and we strive to make you feel at ease, ensuring you can fully enjoy this special time.

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What to Expect at Tweenies

Lively Warm-Up Songs: Say goodbye to meditation time as we kick off with lively, action-packed warm-up songs. Designed to set the mood and encourage little ones to focus and engage, these moments are filled with energy and excitement.

Musical Instrument Exploration: Watch as your babies take the lead in making sounds and joining in with simple rhythms during our musical instrument exploration. Independence and creativity shine through in these interactive musical moments.

Continued Signing Program: Our Baby Love signing program evolves in Tweenies, introducing new signing songs. Themes come to life through puppets, props, sensory exploration, and a medley of lively songs and rhymes. While the session is more dynamic, we still treasure the immensely popular big dance and bubble-filled chill-out time.

Chill Out Time: Experience the infamous Babylove chill-out time with bubbles, parachutes, and our very own Twiddly Winky Song to round off the session.

Amidst the magical activities and beautiful memories, our focus is on supporting the development of:

  • Speech, Language, and Communication
  • Personal and Social Skills
  • Vestibular Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Physical Development
  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Proprioceptive Development

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Moments from our classes


What our clients say

  • When my oldest child was born, I was searching for a baby class that would engage both my little boy and myself. Babylove was recommended to me by another mum who shared Claire’s background in child development and early education. The mix of sensory play, music, movement, massage, and signing intrigued me. I wanted to make friends with other mums. Having attended many different baby classes, none combine activities quite like Claire does. From Tinies to Beach Babies with my first child and now Tinies to Park Babies with my second, we’ve gained so much. Babylove not only provided us with wonderful mum friends but also facilitated communication through signs before my children could talk. I’ve learned fantastic and funny songs to share with my children

    Vicki, Rhodri, and Catrin (2020)
  • What do I love about Babylove? I love the mummy meditation, the big dance, the great music choices, and I love the fact that my babies love it so much! A veteran Mumma!! I always recommend Babylove, wonderful sessions and an amazing mum tribe!

    Celyn, preschooler Osian and baby Macsen 2023
  • What do I love about Babylove? I love the social aspects with the other mums and how my baby loves interacting with all the other babies. It is a great way to meet new people and I always leave with new activities for my baby which I wouldn’t have though of!

    Gabrielle and baby Sacha 2023
  • What do I love about Babylove? I love how much Poppy loves Claire, and how she always watches and listens. Her face lights up, even when we sing the Babylove songs at home. I always recommend others to come to Babylove, Poppy has learned so much and become so confident. It also helped me grow my own confidence as a first time Mum. I just wish I had known about your antenatal sessions!!!

    Charlotte and Poppy 2023

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