Beach Babies – toddling to school age

A fabulously social class for slightly bigger ones and their grown ups.

Outdoor Play Adventure

Weather-permitting, engage in a fun-packed outdoor play session overflowing with music, marching, and creative and messy activities related to seasons and topics.

Bridge to Nursery School

A wonderful transition between playgroups and nursery school.

Session Flow

  • Start with free play and social activities
  • Tidy up time followed by the infamous marching and dancing with music
  • Dive into beach activities based on nature and seasons, including art, physical, sensory, and messy play in the natural environment
  • Finish with a snack, occasional story, and chill out bubbles.

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Foster Independence

Encourage independence and create autonomous children.

Holistic Development Focus

  • Develop speech, language, and communication
  • Understand the natural world around them
  • Become beach-savvy with safety tips for living in a coastal community
  • Promote physical, cognitive, and vestibular development
  • Link into foundation principles for a smooth transition into school, personally, socially, emotionally and educationally

Join Beach Babies for a beachside adventure where little ones thrive, explore, and develop in a playful outdoor setting!

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Moments from our classes


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