Toddlers – toddling to 3 years

For little ones from cruising and toddling to preschool

A fast and frantic session filled with music, mayhem, sensory play, Baby Love infant sign language, creativity, imagination, personal and social and physical development. We embrace the craziness of toddlers and create an awe and wonder filled session to entrance, entertain and extend all children.

Every week, our Swansea and South Wales based dedicated team carefully selects resources and themes to provide magical and interactive experiences fostering holistic development in your little one. Each session is brimming with developmental tips to help you understand your toddlers growth and milestones. We’re an inclusive community, welcoming everyone, and we happily modify activities to suit the diverse needs of both adults and babies, including those with multiple births.

We understand the nerves that may accompany your first toddler group visit, and we strive to make you feel at ease, ensuring you can fully enjoy this special time.

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What to expect from Babylove Toddlers?

Each session is a whirlwind of marching and dancing activities alongside the Babylove signing system which is focusing more on spoken words. Puppets, props, role play and sensory play enhance each theme and parallel play is increasingly occurring; extending children’s social and emotional skills.

An exhilarating and creative session that entrances, engages and fills little ones with awe, wonder and joy! Toddlers is a judgement free environment which enables children to join in at their own pace and level…….there is no expectation that little ones will stay sitting on your lap!!??! Let them be free to join in, run around the room, or simply leap up and down. Our Mantra is, “embrace the toddler crazy”.

Amidst the magical activities and beautiful memories, our focus is on supporting the development of:

  • Speech, Language, and Communication
  • Personal and Social Skills
  • Vestibular Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Physical Development
  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Proprioceptive Development
  • Small and large motor skills
  • Pre-writing skills

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Moments from our classes


What our clients say

  • What do I love about Babylove? EVERYTHING. It is so stimulating and fun every week, I recommend to parents all the time because of the great activities and because it’s a great way to meet other mums and parents too.  I have made some amazing friends.  I would change nothing, we LOVE IT!

    Lauren and baby Max
  • What do I love about Babylove? I love all the Babylove teams enthusiasm and fun, meeting mums and all the songs and games.  I have recommended Babylove to so any parents, this is genuinely a fantastic club which my twins love!

    Kelly, baby Violet and baby Tommy
  • I have done Babylove for 6 years now, Babylove is everything you need for your child’s development, Babylove has given so much to me and my boys.  Thank you!

    Amy, preschooler Nye, school aged Henry and baby Evan
  • My little one loves Babylove.  The teachers are fantastic, always so friendly and even go the extra smile to know all of the babies names, this means such a great deal.  I always tell other parents to come to Babylove.

    Linda and baby Noah
  • Why do we love Babylove?  It is very interactive and friendly, and my little one loves it.  Each week is a bit different, it’s the best class we’ve done!

    Laura and baby indie
  • What do you love about Babylove?  Its really fun and engaging and I love the community of mums it creates.  I definitely recommend Babylove, it’s engaging, the locations are great, the themes are lovely.  I wouldn’t change anything!

    Cerys and baby Taran

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