Welcome to the magical developmental community of Babylove groups; supporting families, especially Mums, whilst developing little ones holistically from bump to preschool; giving Babies AND Mamas the best possible start…

Join our Babylove community and enjoy our Antenatal, Baby, Toddler, Pre-schooler and super-Mama groups in Swansea which are friendly, giggle filled and age appropriate. Our sessions are overflowing with sensory, exploratory and creative play combined with music, movement, baby massage, infant sign, friendship and support. We also help you to create your Mama-tribe from bump onwards whilst leading your little
one on this magical, developmental journey.


Newborn – 7/8 months

As soon as Mums are ready to be out and about bring your tiny baby to babylove tinies; we will help you to understand and enhance your babies developmental journey whilst providing the opportunity to meet up with other new Mums and build new friendship networks.


7/8 months- mobile

Our next stage in the Baby Love groups developmental program, perfect for babies who like to sit up with or without support, roll around and begin to move independently.


Walkers, cruisers & toddlers – preschool.

A fast and frantic session filled with music, mayhem, sensory play, babylove infant sign language and physical development.

Beach Babies

Cruisers - 3 years

Now little ones are older the session is extended to 1hr 15 minutes. Our base room is set up like a Playschool with different zones such as art, construction, giant tunnels, books, dinosaur worlds, play dough…..families have an opportunity to explore, play and settle in before the session starts with our lively Baby Love “Hello” activity song.

Mama-love Ante natal classes

Join our nurturing, friendly and informative community designed expertly for expectant and new Mums through a range of Antenatal and parenting classes to suit all needs; empowering you to make the right choices for you!

Mamalove Newbies; a welcoming, safe and friendly post natal group for new-born mothers and their new born babies to come and meet other mums and receive lots of love, support and guidance

Simply Massage has amazing benefits for both new-born baby and new-born mummy, a relaxing, nurturing class which teaches full baby massage routine to new mums with babies up to 6 months old

Little girl with book

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  • Sharon and baby Grace

    Sharon and baby Grace

    What would you say are the main benefits of joining BABYLOVE with me?

    1/ We feel part of the babylove family instantly
    2/ We've learned so much information already and we're only a couple of weeks in!!
    3/ Its fun which is the most important thing for us as Grace relaxes more and will achieve more because of that
    4/ Claire is so warm, welcoming, helpful and kind...babylove is a must for every little one, Claire has a holistic approach to engaging with both the little ones and the families so this will work on many levels to help babies grow and parents to feel more confident.
  • Vicky, baby Catrin and Rhodri

    Vicky, baby Catrin and Rhodri

    Having attended Babylove from Tinies to Beach Babies with my little boy and now Tinies to Park Babies my children and I have gained so much from the classes.

    I gained some wonderful Mum friends with both my children.

    Both my children used the signs we learnt at Babylove to communicate before they could talk.

    I’ve learnt some fantastic and funny songs to share with my children.
  • Jess with pre-schooler Chloe and baby Ioan

    Jess with pre-schooler Chloe and baby Ioan

    Having initially joined BABYLOVE for the social aspect, I was amazed at how much more my babies and I have got out of it.

    Claire’s knowledge on early childhood development is phenomenal and during the classes she would explain the benefits of the activity for the baby.

    Aside from making amazing mum friends, the best result that we’ve achieved is how much my baby and toddler engage and love the classes.
  • Emma and baby Sammy

    Emma and baby Sammy

    July 2020

    Your positive, vibrant energy is really motivating for both mother and baby.

    The mixture of activities provide great engagement for the little ones and I particularly like the dance part of the session - fun for baby and great bit of exercise for mums and dads too - great excuse for an after-class coffee and cake!

    It's great to have different levels of classes that babies can move up to.

  • Sam and Baby Hunter

    Sam and Baby Hunter

    Would you recommend babylove?

    Don’t think! It was the best decision we ever made. Our time at BabyLove was sadly cut short due to Covid-19, however Claire’s commitment to her babies soon pulled everyone back to her through her ‘virtual’ sessions.

    Hunter gets so excited when he sees her, it’s the highlight of his week.

baby love promise

“To give Mums (and dad's), a safe place to feel confident, supported and find their Parenting tribe whilst ensuring little ones have the best start possible; promoting holistic development from bump to school.”
Claire Walby-Kettle our Babylove founder, July 2020.

Uniquely at Babylove we believe that the needs of parents/carers are equally important to the needs of babies at this wonderful, exciting, sometimes scary and life changing time.”

Happy, confident, supported Mammas (and Daddys) + holistically developed babies = the best start possible.

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